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A supportive guide to navigating grief

The Grief Companion

The Grief Companion is a modern illustrated deck of cards that provides gentle guidance, support, and knowledge for those navigating loss and grief.

No two people grieve in the same way. The Grief Companion is a non-linear collection of cards that offers insights into the ever-evolving grieving process: providing thoughts and facts to help you feel grounded and seen; ideas on how to honour your loss and memory; and resources you can rely on as your experience of grief continues to shift. The cards can be used in a number of different ways. Simply pull an Insight, Action, or Prompt card every day or every week as part of a mindful intention, or during a difficult moment to be comforted. The cards are designed with dozens of actions and reflections that can be easily incorporated into your routine to guide and support you on your unique path.

With The Grief Companion, you’ll be empowered to better understand the grieving process and its effects as you learn coping mechanisms and, most of all, feel supported in your grieving experience. Each card is hand-painted by Ngaio with a watercolour pattern.

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“What a beautiful, loving and thoughtful gift to be able to pass on to friends and loved ones as a way to encourage them through their darkest hours.”

Leanne Ford


Interior Designer & Co-Host of Restored By The Fords, HGTV

"I have found myself wishing for a warm, honest guide to grieving at so many points in my life. A deck of cards is such a brilliant way to offer advice and support for navigating this unavoidable, nonlinear process —and finding the beauty and self-knowledge in it, too.”

Ann Friedman


NYT best selling Author of 'Big Friendship' & Co-Host of Call Your Girlfriend podcast.

“The Grief Companion goes beyond platitudes and cliches to provide great wisdom, comfort and validation — give it to everyone who is grieving, has grieved, or will grieve.”

Nikki Gemmell


Best-Selling Author

“Easily the most thoughtful, creative concise and effective resource for grief. Plus, it's just beautiful. I will certainly be gifting this to loved ones during their bereavement and referencing it when loss comes my way. This is going to help so many people.”

Becky Simpson


Author & Illustrator

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