The Freelance Life / Working & Travelling

I'm counting down the days (4!) until I head to LA for a little downtime and Palm Springs for Designer Vaca! One of the benefits of freelance work is that you can do it from your bedroom, your studio, or (as can happen) the airport lounge if need be. I've compiled together a list of resources that I pack for design and illustration work while travelling - it's a fine balance between trying to pack in your entire studio and finding yourself stuck without your tools. 

+ Scanner Pro App
This app has saved me so much time both at home and while away. It turns your iPhone into a portable scanner and then uploads the files to Dropbox, Google Docs or Gmail. 

+ Dropbox
I don't know how anyone works without it. Especially helpful when travelling and it allows me to keep everything off my computers hard-drive to keep it working fast. 

+ Macbook Pro
I can't quite get the hang of using an iPad for work duties - so I keep my Macbook Pro while I travel. 

+ Adaptors
Bring a few for your destination so you can charge more than one item overnight. 

+ Noise Cancelling Headphones
An expensive outlay - but they are worth their weight in gold when you are flying frequently or trying to work quickly in busy environments and need to concentrate. I use these ones

+ Podcasts
I listen to podcasts a lot while I work at the studio - so keeping them handy while I am working overseas helps me get into the zone quickly. At the moment I am listening to You Must Remember This, How To Be Amazing with Michael Ian Black, Mystery Show, and All Songs Considered. Also great to have on hand when there are flight delays!

+ Basic Illustration Tools
This will change depending on what tools you use typically for your own work - but I like to bring along some micron felt pens, basic watercolour brushes and tubes, and some faber castell artist pitt pens, hot-press watercolour paper, and tracing paper. Everything else you can always grab on the road. 

I also like to follow two basic pieces of advice while I'm away to make sure I make the deadlines. 

+ Book somewhere that comes with Wifi included.
You don't want to be stuck in one of those hotels with $40 per day Wifi charges - ask beforehand and they'll often include it in your booking to secure your stay. 

+ Schedule work time.
If you know you have a certain amount of work you need to get done, schedule it into your travel plans so you don't leave it to the last minute or have to miss out on something else you wanted to do. I prefer to get things out of the way early in the morning - then I don't have to think about it for the rest of the day, and it leaves enough time during the day for clients and colleagues to provide feedback or approvals if needed.  

Let me know if there is anything else you like to include when you work remotely from your studio - I'd love to know!