A few of my favourite people on the planet are staying with us for the a long weekend, and I am ready for a lazy few days of delicious food, beach naps, and flowers. Here are a few things I'll try to sneak in::

- Fish burgers from Out Of The Blue. Always unreal, and always less than ten clams.
- Pink and white peonies from the flower markets.
- Chocolate fondant cake from Zumbo.
- Mango on toast for breakfast.
- Soup-filled dumplings at Wang Wang Shanghai Silver Star (!!).
- Morning walks to Gordon's Bay with my hound.
- A walk over to Bondi for this Bills salad and this Messina (and a walk back to wear it off).
- Salad sandwiches with extra beetroot.
- A Sunday banquet from Adam Liaw's new cookbook (I want to cook every single thing in it).
- Sailor Jerry's at dusk.
- This J Mascis record on repeat.