Record Reverie / 17


The Moldy Peaches, The Moldy Peaches 2001

I think my parents must know all of the lyrics to this album, from the sheer number of times I played it loudly from my bedroom. Everything in this record - the unevenness, the lo-fi, the toilet humour, and the complete nonchalant nature - should add up to a complete failure, but I think The Moldy Peaches is the exception to every rule. Kimya Dawson has released other lovely records, and Adam Green's most successful post-peaches album (although he has a pile of solo efforts) is this beautiful record with Binki Shapiro - but neither captures that perfect storm created by the complete lack of pretense on this record.

Record Reverie is a watercolour illustration series of my favourite albums. Look at more illustrations from the series here.