Recent Work / Make Nice: An Un-Conference for Creative Women

I've been deep into a massive, overwhelming, but wonderfully important project lately - it has hijacked my days, my nights, and most of the in-between times - but I love it. Incase I haven't mentioned it to you, it is called Make Nice: An Un-Conference for Creative Women, and my co-director Alex and I have been working on it for about a year. Well - it's alive and tickets are on sale, and people are buying them and it is a real real thing! It is exciting to hear from so many women that the idea is both wanted and needed. 

If you'd like to read up on Make Nice you should definitely head here

If you'd like to buy some tickets to join the club, head over here

If you'd rather read all about us on the Vivid Sydney website, have a gander over here

If you'd like to read some advice from women like Emma Tillman, Carla McRae, Kat Gordon or Meg Lewis, get clickin' on our #shemakesnice blog

If you'd like some tips on curating and creating your own conference, have a look at this Working Not Working interview

If you'd like even more reading material - maybe you'd like to catch up on all of our press, in Collective, and the Shillington Blog

I'm really excited about how Make Nice is unfolding, and if you are interested keep following along!