The Freelance Life / Taking The Plunge


I've always been drawn to the idea of working for myself - so much so that it was a big factor in starting afresh in a new field when I'd already built up a successful career in contemporary arts. I love to create my own schedule, have the time to develop my own illustration projects, and ultimately be able to make all the important decisions about my own career. So after much (much!) over-thinking, little planning, and a dash of naïvety I've decided to take the plunge and go out on my own as a full-time freelance designer/illustrator/art-director/all-round creative.

Over the past ten years, I've always had more than one job on the go at once - often more than two. Add to the mix completing two degrees, moving cities, and travelling the world you could say I like to keep myself busy; and although I understand (and probably underestimate) that this will take impossibly high levels of self-discipline and persistence, I am also hoping it might allow me to slow down and enjoy the process more as well instead of running through everything at 100klms an hour.

I feel so fortunate that the incredibly diverse and rewarding range of positions and projects I've worked on have not only provided me with wonderful experiences and lifelong mentors, but an especially unique skill set that I am only just now coming to fully comprehend and appreciate. I am equally terrified and exhilarated to step out on my own - I feel like now is as better time as any to test my capabilities and see that I'm up to the challenge. Thanks must also go to the long list of inspiring creatives online (some of whom I'm yet to meet) who have endlessly inspired this important decision and my ever-supportive husband and family who are always there to break my fall if ever it is needed.

Most importantly, this also means I'll be taking on clients again, full time. I find great fulfillment in an unspecialised practice and take on a wide range of projects - so if you are looking for a little help with developing a logo, album design, putting together a look book, illustrations, book designs, or anything else in-between you know where you can find me. I'd love to work or collaborate with you.

Photograph by Jennifer Emerling.