Inspiration / Michael Antonia & The Flashdance Mixtapes

Michael Antonia The Flashdance Mixtapes Ngaio Parr Inspiration Yeah Rentals Yeah Furniture Los Angeles Design

I don't quite know how Michael Antonia does everything he does (I assume it involves very little sleep) - but I'm damn glad he does. He's the best kind of renaissance man, an all-round dude, and the creative vision behind The FlashdanceYeah Rentals, and Yeah Furniture (amongst others I am sure) - he's a blast to work with and the best DJ you could wish for. After spending last night swearing to myself about how great this mix was while I was dancing in the kitchen (it really was showing off), I felt the need to provide a public service announcement about his The Flashdance mixtapes.

Popping this post into 'Current Obsession' would have given you the wrong impression, because with Michael's  The Flashdance Mixtape's it's more of an ever present thing. Let me be clear - you need these mixes in your life. I play music all-day everyday in the studio, but I have to reserve Michaels mixtape's for after I clock off - otherwise I end up dancing around mid-afternoon and pouring myself a spiced rum just a little too early. He's magic, and I implore you to listen to all of his mixes right this second. 

Photograph by Jenn Emerling