Inspiration / Ladies Drawing Night

Each week, a group of illustrators in Brooklyn (led by the amazingly talented Julia Rothman, Leah Goren, and Rachel Cole) come together and explore a particular type/style/medium of illustration - looking through their #ladiesdrawingnight hashtag you can see a constant evolution from large format prints, to pattern making, to lettering, collage, and portraiture.

Although the resulting illustrations and sketches are beyond wonderful, what I find most inspiring is the 'do the work' commitment or ritual of a constant weekly meet up. That, alongside the loose structure of different themes would make for a strong creatively inspiring project - a great way to continually learn about different techniques and challenge yourself within a fun and supportive environment. I'd love to organise a similar style drawing night (perhaps monthly to start off with) in Sydney if anyone is interested in a ladies drink & draw session then let me know - I'd love to make one happen!

Images 1. / 2. / 3. / 4. (All Julia Rothman and Lean Goren).