Record Reverie / 4


The White Stripes, White Blood Cells 2001

From the very first play when I was just fifteen years old, White Blood Cells has remained one of my all-time favourite albums. The album cemented my undying love for distortion pedals, helped me discover Son House and the rich tapestry of the Delta Blues, and handed me a permission slip to be confident in my weirdness. I remember standing completely still, mesmerised with my mouth wide open the first time I saw The White Stripes play in 2003. Come 2014 and not much has changed; if you'd looked over to me while Jack White opened his Governors Ball set in New York with Dead Leaves and the Dirty Ground, you would have seen the same awe-struck slack-jawed girl.

 Record Reverie is a watercolour illustration series of my favourite albums. Look at more illustrations from the series here.