Record Reverie / 21

Faith No More, Introduce Yourself 1987

A belated Soundwave Festival Record Reverie with Introduce Yourself, a killer album by Faith No More - forever entertaining and effervescent, and one of my favourite bands on the festival bill this year. When I first started dating my now husband, a cassette tape of Introduce Yourself was stuck in his car and played on repeat whenever we were driving for a good year or two. I am the kind of girl who plays her favourite new song or album on repeat until it sickens everyone around me, so I was happy listening to this album time and time again. 

Introduce Yourself is home to some crunchy Faith No More tracks including Introduce Yourself (no surprises there!), Anne's Song, We Care A Lot, and the best introduction ever for Death March (Can I get a transfer man? 95 cents? Fuck you I'll skate to the beach, and I'll look better getting there!)

Record Reverie is a watercolour illustration series of my favourite albums. Look at more illustrations from the series here.