The Freelance Life / Jacky Winter Gives You The Business


I am so excited to head down to Melbourne next week, and although Supergraph, David Shirley, and eating delicious foods with my southern ladies are all very enticing - it is Jacky Winter Gives You The Business that made be buy my plane ticket.

Curated by its attendants, and aimed at 'arming you with the essentials of starting, sustaining, or growing an emerging creative practice' - JWGYTB promises to be 100% more useful than some creative conferences I've attended in the past. With topics including merchandising and other passive income strategies, manage client expectations across deliverables, schedules, and budgets, and how to balance creative practices with commercial outcomes I feel like there will be no alternative but to come out the other side enlightened. Is anyone else going along? Come and say hello, I'll probably be sitting up the back nerding out writing notes.