Inspiration / Risograph

Learning about Risograph printing has been on my list for an age, and and I finally got started over the weekend with a quick 'How To' class at the Rizzeria in Marrickville. Two minutes in, pouring over the beautiful examples above, I was already dreaming up how everything I was working on could be risographed - postcards, catalogues, zines, posters, branding, everything! 

Risograph printing somewhat bridges the gap between screen printing and digital print. It works at the speed of a photocopier, prints rich colours like screen printing (due to it's use of spot colours), and costs a fraction of the price of traditional screen printing  (due to the easier setup). If you'd like to learn more about Risograph printing, have a look at some great printing studios like Caldera Press and The Rizzeria in Australia, and Risotto Studio and Tiny Splendour overseas. Can't wait to get started!