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Current Obsession Terrazzo Ngaio Parr Design Illustration Creative Consultation

First, I fell in love with the bathroom floors in one of our first homes - i've since noticed it everywhere and the polish has never dulled (so to speak). Invented by 15th century Venetian construction workers to exploit marble residue from upscale projects, terrazzo is produced with layers of cement interspersed by chips of marble, glass, or granite. Back in the day they used goats milk as the floor sealant! 

If you need any more convincing of the beauty of terrazzo - take a tour through Margherita Missoni's Lake Como home replete with custom designer Missoni terrazzo floor, add one of Jonathan Zawada's Affordances #1 (Y.O.R.I) tables to your wish list, or bemoan the fact that you too missed out on this amazing Acne terrazzo print shirt

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