Bit & Pieces / 1

I wanted to create a little space to write about things I've seen/read/listened to/thought that don't fit elsewhere in my blog. I've started Bits & Pieces to tell you about an amazing cake recipe, that song that I've played on repeat for days, the article that spurred me into action, and the updates on life in general. 

+ On a mission to find the perfect chocolate cake, and I think I've found it. This cake is so delicious your neighbours/friends/enemies will find reasons to drop in and visit on the off chance of a slice.  

+ The Elise Gets Crafty podcast has been keeping me company in the studio. Her ideas on building creative routines, dealing with fear, building a community offline  and charging up as an introvert has all struck a chord with me, and I'd recommend listening to anyone with a creative business. 

+ Watching Courtney Barnett recently with a new but dear friend I realised she is exactly who I'd wished I'd become during my adolescent (and lets face it - still now). Unashamedly intelligent, strong, and exceptionally independent - running against all of the tired rock tropes and winning the world over anyway. 

+ Excited to have my ticket to Designer Vaca in Palm Springs this October! I've wanted to attend for the past few, but this year everything is conspiring to make it possible. I don't know a soul on the list of attendees, but I do have some wonderful roomies sorted out to hopefully jumpstart my confidence when I get there!