Bits & Pieces / 3

+ I booked my flights to LA for Designer Vaca! I have a few days either side of the trip to Palm Springs in LA - If you'll be around LA in early October or know someone you think I'd love to meet and would like to have an drink/coffee/ice cream please get in touch! 

+ After going gluten-free I'd been missing my morning oats - but now I have two recipes that make me forget that normal porridge ever existed. I finally found a recipe for the Brown Rice Miso Porridge that I order at Bill's every time I visit - and let me tell you, it's bloody delicious. The recipe specifies cardamon and mango - but I've been switching them out for sweet miso and papaya. The second recipe is from My New Roots for Coconut Black Rice Breakfast Pudding - which is as amazing as it sounds, and is also served with your pick of fruits - which fro me was papaya, strawberry and passionfruit. Both are best made fresh but they do take a while to cook, so I've been making up enough for a few days and re-heating it on the stove each morning. 

+ This post about The Secret to Female Friendship is spot on. Although I don't (yet) enlist my friends to help me do the grocery shopping I find often the most enjoyable time together is when the entire to-do list together consists of having a cup of tea or walking the dog.