Bits & Pieces / 2

+ Last week, I had Yum-Cha with Stefan SagmeisterThen we took selfies. That man knows how to how to dress! He presented a talk on beauty to some of my students at UTS, then we took him out for some Yum-Cha and chatted about Sol LeWittMaurizio Cattelan and Sandra Selig for the next hour or two. Then he gave me a little pitch book for The Happy Film, we exchanged numbers, and it was all delightful.

+ I've been listening to two records over and over again for the past month. I'd been waiting for another album from Jessie Baylin forever, and in May she finally released Dark Place.  She is a real-life dreamboat; a true epicurean with a soft raspy voice and defiantly perfect hair. Creepers, Hell and Back, and Kiss Your Face are my three favourites from the album, but you really should sit down with a negroni and soak the whole thing in. Ryan Adams Live At Carnegie Hall is of course the other album (how could it not be?). His heart wrenching songs layered between self-effacing banter is almost too much to handle - I can't wait to see him in a few months at the Opera House as he is always so wondrous to see perform. 

+ My wonderful friend Meg is currently reading her novel and sipping on a gooseberry soda in Copenhagen, and I am loving following along from afar. She has a wonderful way with words, and I almost (almost) feel like I am there with her. 

+ T minus six days until I go gluten-free forever - so I of course I needed to squeeze one last meal in at Acme. Their amazing drinks, wonderful service, and extraordinary meals will be hard to let go. Here's hoping I can figure out a way to make a milo substitute.