As Featured On: Elize Strydom's Olive and Oak


Elize Strydom is just a wonderful human. For what seems like years I've loved following her photographic journal Olive and Oak. We both worked at Triple J together (Elize is also a journalist for the ABC) but somehow never met, though soon enough the power of the internet ended up pulling us together and we became fast friends. I love walking and exploring with Elize, because then I can see her framing everything around her as a potential photograph - an almost subconscious judgement of light and composition before she even raises the camera. 

She took these photographs of my studio and home while we spent a lazy afternoon together before she jetted off to South Africa to continue her project Small Town Girl - a project that documents the daily lives of teenage girls growing up in small towns across Australia, South Africa, and the USA. Elize just had a powerful exhibition as part of the Head On Photo Festival featuring Small Town Girl photographs, and is getting ready for the whats next! Head on over to Olive and Oak to have a see more photos of our afternoon, and soak in the dreamily beautiful photographs Elize takes of her daily journeys. 

All photographs by Elize Strydom.