Working from my home studio is generally peachy, I like having time by myself, the freedom to structure my day however I'd like, and being able to work in my track pants if it is one of those days - but sometimes it can get feel a little lonely/crazed. I've always loved Podcasts and now when I get any niggling house-bound feels I just pop on one of my favourite podcasts and they are a great substitute to co-workers (and are generally much more intelligent than my co-worker Iggy). I've listed some of my favourite Podcasts (and some favourite episodes) below, let me know if you love them too - or if you have any new Podcast suggestions I could delve into! 

This American Life
Ira Glass is my one true love. I've listened chronologically backwards from present back to 2009 thus far and I'm sure I'll never get enough of it. If I was to recommend a few to get you addicted - I'd say Switched At Birth, Dr Gilmer and Mr Hyde, The Psychopath Test, and Pimp Anthropology.

All Songs Considered (NPR)
Bob Boilen is another wonderful host, and the show delivers a mix of interviews, mixtapes, discussions, and live tracks to fall in love with.  NPR has plenty of other wonderful music podcasts that I also listen too - including Tiny Desk Concerts, and Music Interviews. 

If you haven't already listened to this you have been living under a rock or are being extremely stubborn. Drop everything!

Invisibilia is a relatively new podcast, whose mission is to 'explore the intangible forces that shape human behavior – things like ideas, beliefs, assumptions and emotions'. How to Become Batman, and The Power of Categories are both mind-boggling. 

Your Dreams, My Nightmares
A interview series with illustrators and designers. Sometimes the host can get a little unprofessional, but the guests often pass on valuable practical advice and information. Rachel Levit, Ping Zhu, Leah Goren, and James Gulliver Hancock are all great episodes to start on. 

Creative Pep Talk
Andy J Miller hosts/creates this show independently, and although his breathing can seem a little too close for comfort at times (I assume due to home recording) the topics range from self-awareness, to hustlin', to overthinking - and are all very helpful for independent practitioners or small-business owners. 

Pencil vs. Pixel 
A great interview series that delves into the creative process and inspirations, with illustrations, designers, web designers and artists. Jen Mussari and Darren Booths episodes are both great.